14 Oct, 2005


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Os pego una lista de comandos para este estupendo punto de acceso.

Console command list for Linksys WRT54G / Lista de comandos via consola para Linksys WRT54G

Usage: wl [-a|i ] [-hu] [arguments]

-a, -i adapter name or number
-h, -u this message

ver ->get version information

up -> reinitialize and mark adapter up (operational)

down -> reset and mark adapter down (disabled)

out -> mark adapter down but do not reset hardware(disabled)
On dualband cards, cards must be bandlocked before use.

clk -> set board clock state. return error for set_clk attempt if the driver is not down
0: clock off
1: clock on

restart -> Restart driver. Driver must already be down.

reboot -> Reboot platform

ucflags -> Get/Set ucode flags

radio -> Set the radio on or off.
"on" or "off"

dump -> print driver software state and chip registers to stdout

srdump -> print contents of SPROM to stdout

nvdump -> print nvram variables to stdout

nvset -> set an nvram variable
name=value (no spaces around '=')

nvget -> get the value of an nvram variable

revinfo -> get hardware revision information

msglevel -> set driver console debugging message bitvector
type 'wl msglevel ?' for values

PM -> set driver power management mode:
0: CAM (constantly awake)
1: PS (power-save)

wake -> set driver power-save mode sleep state:
0: core-managed
1: awake

promisc -> set promiscuous mode ethernet address reception
0 - disable
1 - enable

monitor -> set monitor mode
0 - disable
1 - enable active monitor mode (interface still operates)

frag -> Set the fragmentation threshhold. (integer [256, 2346])

rts -> Set the RTS threshhold. (integer [0, 2347])

cwmin -> Set the cwmin. (integer [1, 255])

cwmax -> Set the cwmax. (integer [256, 2047])

srl -> Set the short retry limit. (integer [1, 255])

lrl -> Set the long retry limit. (integer [1, 255])

rate -> force a fixed rate:
valid values for 802.11a are (6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54)
valid values for 802.11b are (1, 2, 5.5, 11)
valid values for 802.11g are (1, 2, 5.5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54)
-1 (default) means automatically determine the best rate

mrate -> force a fixed multicast rate:
valid values for 802.11a are (6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54)
valid values for 802.11b are (1, 2, 5.5, 11)
valid values for 802.11g are (1, 2, 5.5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54)
-1 (default) means automatically determine the best rate

infra -> Set Infrastructure mode: 0 (IBSS) or 1 (Infra BSS)

ap -> Set AP mode: 0 (STA) or 1 (AP)

bssid -> Get the BSSID value, error if STA and not associated

channel -> Set the channel:
valid channels for 802.11b/g (2.4GHz band) are 1 through 14
valid channels for 802.11a (5 GHz band) are:
36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60, 64,
100, 104, 108, 112, 116,120, 124, 128, 132, 136, 140,
149, 153, 157, 161,
184, 188, 192, 196, 200, 204, 208, 212, 216

tssi -> Get the tssi value from radio

txpwr -> Set tx power in milliwatts. Range [1, 84].

txpathpwr -> Turn the tx path power on or off on 2050 radios

powerindex -> Set the transmit power for A band(0-63).
-1 - default value

atten -> Set the transmit attenuation for B band. Args: bb radio txctl1.
auto to revert to automatic control

phyreg -> Get/Set a phy register.

radioreg -> Get/Set a radio register.

shmem -> Get/Set a shared memory location.

macreg -> Get/Set any mac registers(include IHR and SB)
macreg offset size[2,4] [value]

antdiv -> Set antenna diversity for rx
0 - force use of antenna 0
1 - force use of antenna 1
3 - automatic selection of antenna diversity

txant -> Set the transmit antenna
0 - force use of antenna 0
1 - force use of antenna 1
3 - use the RX antenna selection that was in force during
the most recently received good PLCP header

plcphdr -> Set the plcp header.
"long" or "auto" or "debug"

phytype -> Get phy type

scbdump -> print driver scb state to stdout

ratedump -> print driver rate selection tunables and
per-scb state to stdout, valid scb values are
0 through NSCB-1

rateparam -> set driver rate selection tunables
arg 1: tunable id
arg 2: tunable value

wepstatus -> Set or Get WEP status
wepstatus [on|off]

primary_key -> Set or get index of primary key

addwep -> Set an encryption key. The key must be 5, 13 or 16 bytes long, or
10, 26, 32, or 64 hex digits long. The encryption algorithm is
automatically selected based on the key size. keytype is accepted
only when key length is 16 bytes/32 hex digits and specifies
whether AES-OCB or AES-CCM encryption is used. Default is ccm.
addwep [ocb | ccm] [notx] [xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx]

rmwep -> Remove the encryption key at the specified key index.

wep -> Set WEP options.
wl wep [options]
[on|enable|1] enable WEP
[off|disable|0] disable WEP
[sw|software] perform WEP in software
[hw|hardware] perform WEP in hardware

tkip -> Set TKIP options.
wl tkip [options]
[on|enable|1] enable TKIP
[off|disable|0] disable TKIP
[sw|software] perform TKIP in software
[hw|hardware] perform TKIP in hardware

aes -> Set AES options.
wl aes [options]
[on|enable|1] enable AES
[off|disable|0] disable AES
[sw|software] perform AES in software
[hw|hardware] perform AES in hardware

keys -> Prints a list of the current WEP keys

txiv -> Print Tx IV for key at specified key index.

wsec_test -> Generate wsec errors
type 'wl wsec_test ?' for test_types

tkip_countermeasures -> Enable or disable TKIP countermeasures (TKIP-enabled AP only)
0 - disable
1 - enable

wsec_restrict -> Drop unencrypted packets if WSEC is enabled
0 - disable
1 - enable

eap -> restrict traffic to 802.1X packets until 802.1X authorization succeeds
0 - disable
1 - enable

authorize -> restrict traffic to 802.1X packets until 802.1X authorization succeeds

deauthorize -> do not restrict traffic to 802.1X packets until 802.1X authorization succeeds

deauthenticate -> deauthenticate a STA from the AP with optional reason code (AP ONLY)

wsec -> wireless security bit vector
1 - WEP enabled
2 - TKIP enabled
4 - AES enabled
8 - WSEC in software

wpa_auth -> WPA authorization mode
[none|0] none
[unspecified|1] WPA 802.1X
[psk|2] WPA PSK
[disable|255] disable WPA

scan -> Initiate an active scan across all channels.
Optional SSID argument specifies a particular SSID to scan.
With no SSID argument, a broadcast SSID scan is performed.

passive -> Puts scan engine into passive mode

regulatory -> Get/Set regulatory domain mode (802.11d). Driver must be down.

spect -> Get/Set 802.11h Spectrum Management mode.

scanresults -> Return results from last scan.

assoc -> Print information about current network association.
(also known as "status")

status -> Print information about current network association.
(also known as "assoc")

disassoc -> Disassociate from the current BSS/IBSS.

chanlist -> Return valid channels for the current settings.

channels -> Return valid channels for the current settings.

channels_in_country -> Return valid channels for the country specified.
Arg 1 is the country abbreviation
Arg 2 is the band(a or b)

curpower -> Return current tx power settings

scansuppress -> Suppress OID_802_11_BSSID_LIST_SCAN requests for testing.
0 - allow scans
1 - suppress scans

evm -> Start an EVM test on the given channel, or stop EVM test.
Arg 1 is channel number 1-14, or "off" or 0 to stop the test.
Arg 2 is optional rate (1, 2, 5.5 or 11)

rateset -> Returns or sets the supported and basic rateset, (b) indicates basic
With no args, returns the rateset. Args are
rateset "default" | "all" |
default - driver defaults
all - all rates are basic rates
arbitrary rateset - list of rates
List of rates are in Mbps and each rate is optionally followed
by "(b)" or "b" for a Basic rate. Example: 1(b) 2b 5.5 11
At least one rate must be Basic for a legal rateset.

roam_trigger -> Set the roam trigger RSSI threshold. (integer)

roam_delta -> Set the roam candidate qualification delta. (integer)

roam_scan_period -> Set the roam candidate qualification delta. (integer)

suprates -> Returns or sets the 11g override for the supported rateset
With no args, returns the rateset. Args are a list of rates,
or 0 or -1 to specify an empty rateset to clear the override.
List of rates are in Mbps, example: 1 2 5.5 11

scan_channel_time -> Get/Set scan channel time

scan_unassoc_time -> Get/Set unassociated scan channel dwell time

scan_home_time -> Get/Set scan home channel dwell time

scan_passive_time -> Get/Set passive scan channel dwell time

scan_nprobes -> Get/Set scan parameter for number of probes to use per channel scanned

prb_resp_timeout -> Get/Set probe response timeout

channel_qa -> Get last channel quality measurment

channel_qa_start -> Start a channel quality measurment

country -> Select Country code for use with 802.11d
Use either long name or abbreviation from ISO 3166.
Use 'wl country list' for the complete list.

locale Select the country:

join -> Join a specified network SSID.
Join syntax is: join [key xxxxx] [imode bss|ibss] [amode open|shared]

ssid -> Set or get the current SSID.
Setting will initiate an assoication attempt if in infrastructure mode,
or join/creation of an IBSS if in IBSS mode,
or creation of a BSS if in AP mode.

mac -> Set or get the list of source MAC address matches.
wl mac xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx [xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx ...]
To Clear the list: wl mac none

macmode -> Set the mode of the MAC list.
0 - Disable MAC address matching.
1 - Deny association to stations on the MAC list.
2 - Allow association to stations on the MAC list.

wds -> Set or get the list of WDS member MAC addresses.
Set using a space separated list of MAC addresses.
wl wds xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx [xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx ...]

lazywds -> Set or get "lazy" WDS mode (dynamically grant WDS membership to anyone).

noise -> Get noise (moving average) right after tx in dBm

fqacurcy -> Manufacturing test: set frequency accuracy mode.
freqacuracy syntax is: fqacurcy
Arg is channel number 1-14, or 0 to stop the test.

crsuprs -> Manufacturing test: set carrier suppression mode.
carriersuprs syntax is: crsuprs
Arg is channel number 1-14, or 0 to stop the test.

int -> Interrupt Test - remember to precede by 'wl down' and follow by 'wl up'

lbt -> Loopback Test - remember to precede by 'wl down' and follow by 'wl up'

band -> Returns or sets the current band
auto - auto switch between available bands (default)
a - force use of 802.11a band
b - force use of 802.11b band

bands -> Return the list of available 802.11 bands

phylist -> Return the list of available phytypes

shortslot -> Get/Set 11g Short Slot Timing mode. (-1=auto, 0=long, 1=short)

shortslot_override -> Get/Set 11g Short Slot Timing mode override. (-1=auto, 0=long, 1=short)

shortslot_restrict -> Get/Set AP Restriction on associations for 11g Short Slot Timing capable STAs.
0 - Do not restrict association based on ShortSlot capability
1 - Restrict association to STAs with ShortSlot capability

ignore_bcns -> AP only (G mode): Check for beacons without NONERP element (0=Examine beacons, 1=Ignore beacons)

pktcnt -> Get the summary of good and bad packets.

upgrade -> Upgrade the firmware on an embedded device

gmode -> Set the 54g Mode (LegacyB|Auto||GOnly|BDeferred|Performance|LRS)

gmode_protection -> Get G protection mode. (0=disabled, 1=enabled)

gmode_protection_control -> Get/Set 11g protection mode control alg. (0=always off, 1=monitor local association, 2=monitor overlapping BSS)

gmode_protection_cts -> Get/Set 11g protection type to CTS (0=disable, 1=enable)

gmode_protection_override -> Get/Set 11g protection mode override. (-1=auto, 0=disable, 1=enable)

legacy_erp -> Get/Set 11g legacy ERP inclusion (0=disable, 1=enable)

scb_timeout -> AP only: inactivity timeout value for authenticated stas

assoclist -> AP only: Get the list of associated MAC addresses.

rssi -> Get the current RSSI val, for an AP you must specify the mac addr of the STA

isup -> Get driver operational state (0=down, 1=up)

fasttimer -> Get/Set High frequency watchdog timeout (tx_power) [15 sec]

slowtimer -> Get/Set Low frequency watchdog timeout (nrssislope) [60 sec]

radar -> Enable/Disable radar

glacialtimer -> Get/Set Very Low frequency watchdog timeout (measurelo) [120 sec]

rssidump -> Dump rssi values from aci scans

interference -> Get/Set interference mitigation mode. Choices are:
0 = none
1 = non wlan
2 = wlan manual
3 = wlan automatic

aciargs -> Get/Set various aci tuning parameters. Choices are:
enter: CRS glitch trigger level to start detecting ACI
exit: CRS glitch trigger level to exit ACI mode
glitch Seconds interval between ACI scans when glitchcount is continuously high
spin: Num microsecs to delay between rssi samples
Usage: wl aciargs [enter x][exit x][spin x][glitch x]

frameburst -> Disable/Enable frameburst mode

pwr_percent -> Get/Set power output percentage

wet -> Get/Set wireless ethernet bridging mode

dtim -> Get/Set DTIM

peer_mac ->
Get WDS peer MAC address

wpa_sup -> Get WDS peer MAC address

measure_req -> Send an 802.11h measurement request.
Usage: wl measure_req
Measurement types are: TPC, Basic, CCA, RPI
Target MAC addr format is xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx

quiet -> Send an 802.11h quiet command.
Usage: wl quiet , ,

csa -> Send an 802.11h channel switch anouncement
Usage wl csa

constraint -> Send an 802.11h Power Constraint IE
Usage: wl constraint 1-255 db

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