12 Oct, 2005


FIRMWARE — Escrito por jetclub @ 20:03

Disponible una beta de este Firmware para Linksys WRT54G.



History of the DDWRT

Built from an old buggy pre-release source of Alchemy, the firmware has had a very close look and feel of it like Alchemy v1.0. However DDWRT v22 had a few more bells and whistles to it than Alchemy v1.0 had. DDWRT had a small following at the start but in previous polls here at Linksysinfo, it was shown to be the 2nd most used 3rd party firmware for WRT54G/GS users. A few months ago, Brainslayer, the developer of DDWRT, started to change the look and feel of the v22 build, to incorporate and new GUI, so now we have the v23 build. This at present is in ßeta stage, this means it does contain a lot of bugs and new features, including the new GUI.

The New GUI

This review will take a look at the GUI and a few features of the new looking DDWRT firmware. I wont list every page of the firmware as the features are very similar to v22. This was the first time I had use v23 but I had noticed the new GUI made the firmware seem very responsive and much easier on the eyes. I have added only a few screenshots to this review but it will give you an insight into what the new GUI looks like.


  1. Hola, yo tengo un linksys con firmware 7.0. Alguien me dice como flashearlo con dd-wrt????. Creo que no hay firmware aún o forma de flashearlo.

    Escrito por Jesús — 15 Ene 2007, 11:11

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